Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Giving a damn...

I often find myself wondering why i even bother with people, not only my friends but those guys on the fringe you want help out too, I mean I'm hardly a stalker but just other day I sent a friendly text messge to an old friend of mine and she sent me a reply telling me to never text her again, it crushed me, I hate that.

So I think "What's the point?" and my thoughts begin to spiral. Your Eternity is determined by your faith right? I mean you can only get that ticket to God-ville if you believe in Christ, you will never bake enough cookies for the church fundraiser to get there. So why do I risk soul crushing rejection when I know I'm already guarenteed a place in the big city in the sky. Helping them won't benefit me. Doing good things will not get you into heaven, they dont even guarentee you a good life.

These deeds though, these acts of love totally determine the eternity of your friends.
The way we treat them, they way we love them, our relentless care to those around us in the midst our battleground lives may be the only thing that can bridge that gap between them and the ultimate source of love [God].

One of the hardest things for me is that I have to make that choice to not simply say "Whatever" when I see a need in the life of a friend. I'm generally very apathetic. I get home from work everyday just too tired to care. Fortunately though my life is constantly being bombarded with hardship/tragedy, that slowly moulds my character and develops my conviction.

Everyday I find I have to adopt an attitude that refuses to let compliments or complaints dictate my emotions. Hurt people cannot bring you down, no one can bring you down, if you simply make the choice to love them regardless of what comes out of their mouths. Think of your acts of kindness and those hard choices you make as sacrifices. These sacrifices are purely for the benefit of those around you. You know where you're going when you die, they have no idea.
So I just want to encourage you, keep being that frustratingly nice person, keep giving a damn about your friends (and those other people around you who mess with your space), deliberately make that choice to improve the days of everyone you meet, they do notice the small things you do. They may never thank you, but it sure is satisfying to watch a life that was only changed because you decided to intervene. And who knows, a consistant caring relationship may just initiate a Godly one.

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Leigh said...

I really liked this one. I do understand where you are coming from. I guess what it comes down to is the fact that although we already mite have our ticket to heaven, God made us in his image and although we cant gain entry into heaven purely by our works, we should strive to be more Christ-like. And God came to heal the broken. We mite not be able to mend people's hurts or broken hearts but we can definately point them to the One who can...