Sunday, August 9, 2009

107.3FM Music

So over the last two and a half years I've sort of moved into the position of Music Director at 107.3FM, which is a community radio station run by the Christian Church on the Gold Coast. The sound of the station has dramatically changed over the past four years, so I thought I'd shed some light on why and how we select what we play. Here's what I wrote:

"Positive, upbeat, life-giving music seasoned with moments of spiritual reflection"

Our music is all about moments. Moments in everyday lives, moments of everyday people. Moments of crisis and beauty, strength and gratitude

Life is fragile, as people, as friends, as sons & daughters and as parents we do our best to connect with those around us, it seems as though life is a battle to connect and communicate, we want to wish those we love only the very best but so often words fail to express our hearts. Music has this unexplainable way of expressing so often the things our heart cannot convey.

My role as a music director at a radio station whose primary mandate is to deliver an age old message to a restless community is simple. Play everyday music, the music of the street. Play music that doesn't tear down but builds, music that is positve, upbeat and fresh, music to create a powerful listener connection. Following this will be music that stimulates a faith-filled, life-giving dose of hope, a moment of vulnerability, an introduction to a loving God and a community renowned for its overwhelming compassion.

Perhaps I'm an idealist but I passionately believe in a God who is strong enough to cut through the critical moments of the everyday, he inspires us, he builds us and when we deviate and crash he restores us. He's placed within each of us a message of faith, hope and love and this radio station firmly holds high the music, the art and the expression of those who want nothing more than to give the world a moment with the God who has so fervently captured their lives. So please join with us and our supporters as we push our flickering candle of hope into our community's darkest places.

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